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Welcome Race Fans! We’re back with some more updates on the game progress! It’s been a bit but we’ve been busy making plans and putting together prototypes so lots of updates to get you up to speed on. As many of you know we launched on Kickstarter but the timing wasn’t quite right. Why didn’t it work out? Well, after speaking with many of our supporters we received a lot of great feedback.

Some of it was timing. “I was going back but just hadn’t yet”. Fair enough. Many wanted to see more videos from previewers to see what they were getting. Several noted that when we launched two other games overlapped enough with ours that it made it tough to pull the plug. All good feedback and we’re very thankful for all the great information. So here we are in 2024 and we’re revving things up again. What’s happened since the initial launch? Quite a bit actually.

New Name: Race for the Crown

We have a new name! We loved Chivalry is Dead and wanted to keep that but it didn’t quite give you an idea of what the game was. So we’ve added the moniker Race for the Crown. 

Updated Prototypes

This one is huge. We have a copy with us here and as soon as Chinese New Year finishes we have have additional copies queued up. These are all for one specific purpose, we have some of your favorite news sites that will be receiving these copies so that we can get some preview videos out there before launch. That’ll give you a much better idea of what you’re getting and also means that the base game will be ready to produce right away after the campaign. All we’ll be left with at that point will be the expansion (which is more of the same, everything is ready go) and to tell them how many to print. 

Improved Gameplay

And of course, it probably goes without saying that we’ve made a few game improvements as we continue to test. Honestly, we haven’t had to adjust much but we’ve change it so that chariot selection is now a card system and control cards are now control points. Same basic functionality but a lot fewer things to loose at the table. 

Neoprene Mats

Oh, and… drumroll please.. if you losed closely at the image above you might have noticed that’s a neoprene mat. We had put those in as a last minute ‘why not’ item on our first Kickstarter but there was so much interest we decided to pay a little more attention to it and had a few produced. We have to say, they’re awesome and will be available in the next campaign.

So When are you going live?

That is the magic question. So here’s where we’re at. The main copy is ready to go and we’re just waiting on additional prototypes to send out. That will likely happen in March so that those previews can be created and go live. The timing won’t be final until we have those copies sent but we expect it’ll all happen before mid-year. So stay tuned for updated news on both a release date as well as which conventions we’ll be demoing at this year (Hint, quite a few in the US).

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