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Race for the Crown Box

Fantasy Chariot Racing

Competition at the next level. Race or destroy your opponents on your way to the winners circle.

Race for the Crown Character Cards

12 customizable chariots

With 4 teams to choose from and 3 customizable chariots each there are plenty of play options

Chariot Tokens

Boardgame launching in 2024

After 2023 we've regrouped and we're back to relaunching our kickstarter early 2024!

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Naughty Jester Games is a tabletop board game publisher dedicated to creating amazing experiences and bringing together good friends. We strive to create an experience that will create that old atmosphere of game night with the family.

Chivalry is Dead: Race for the Crown is a chariot racing game where you control one of several customizable teams in a competition to rule the kingdom.

The Jester Blog

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Meet our Team

Cory Nelson

Operations, Design

Cory has 20 years experience designing and implementing video games and software projects.

Gavin Nelson


Gavin is a new kid on the block but has been designing games in his own time for years.

Jake Mobley

Jake Mobley

3d Modeler

Jake has been responsible for the 3d tokens.