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Chivalry is Dead: Race for the Crown is a chariot racing game where you control one of several customizable teamsin a competition to rule the kingdom. Use speed, weapons or traps to get yourself into the winners circle!

Race for the Crown is launching on Kickstarter in 2024!

Choose your Team!

  • There are multiple races to choose from, each with unique abilities and stats!
Race for the Crown Character Cards

Team Abilities

  • Racial Abilities are unique to the team you’ve chosen.

    Team Perks

    • Each Chariot chooses from its own set of Perks allowing additional customization.
    ·         Adjust your chariot to make it faster, stronger or more defensive by using build cards.
    ·         Your customization options differ depending on your chosen team so you can make an dwarf brawler or a slippery goblin. Or since you control several chariots in a game create, create one chariot focusing on combat, while the other one races ahead of your opponents!

    Customize your Map!

    The map has locations where obstacles are placed allowing a unique play experience each time.
    Tokens will come unpainted.
    ·         Each game allows adjustments to the map through the use of obstacles added at different locations.

    ·         These obstacles on the map affect your best path making each game different.


    ·         Win the race by completing 1 or 2 laps with any chariot under your control!
    ·         Gain an advantage by using speed, risky maneuvers, or clever movement.

    ·         Or just destroy your opponents by attacking or dropping traps in their path.

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    Launching on Kickstarter 2024!

    Chivalry is Dead: Race for the crown has been developed by a father and son team. We’re excited to get it on your table and hope you’ll join us  and Follow us on Social Media for this journey when our Kickstarter launches in 2024!